The GCO companies
will be Occident

Seguros Catalana Occidente, Plus Ultra Seguros, Seguros Bilbao and NorteHispana Seguros are coming together under one brand. We will be Occident.

We are joining forces because we understand you, and understanding you is knowing that you want things to be easier.

We are joining together to become more streamlined. To be closer to you, wherever you are. To adapt faster to what you need. To dedicate all our efforts to providing you with an even more professional and personalised service. To be the leading company in understanding and accompanying people at all stages of their lives.

We are starting a period of transition that will continue throughout 2023. We will do this process together, step by step, and always with you.

Are you a customer and have any doubt about Occident?

If you are insured by Seguros Catalana Occidente, Plus Ultra Seguros, Seguros Bilbao or NorteHispana Seguros, you will continue to maintain your contractual relations, and when the respective corporate integrations occur you will be updated accordingly. There will be no change in the coverage and premium conditions of your policies as a result of this merger.

Yes, your mediator will be the same one you currently have. You can also access all our contact channels to help you with whatever you need.

The brands under which Seguros Catalana Occidente, Plus Ultra Seguros and Seguros Bilbao operate will no longer be used once these companies have merged in late 2023, with Occident being the brand with which the resulting company will operate under. On the other hand, NorteHispana Seguros will continue to exist until it is also consolidated, further on.

We are endorsed by trust, professionalism and proximity

Occident belongs to GCO, an international insurance group that has more than 150 years of history and is present in more than 50 countries.

+ 4.5M


+ 15,000


+ 1,300



loss adjusters, repairers, etc.

Occident, our promise

To understand and support people and companies in all the stages of their life, putting ourselves in their place, to ensure their peace of mind in the present and their confidence in the future. To make empathy the best way forward, as individuals and as a society.

We're still by your side

You can visit the website of any of our brands, which will continue to be active throughout 2023